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Candy Cotton


Diverse Learning Environments



Each infant will be safe and secure while in our care. Your baby will be provided a warm, nurturing and loving environment. He/she will also be provided with time to safely explore, roll around and just have tummy time. Each infant will be provided with a clean and peaceful sleep environment. While in our care your child’s emotional, physical and social skills will grow.


When your child is 12 months old he/she is officially a toddler! This is a time of rapid development. While your child is in our care he/she will have planned activities to help them develop in areas of language, motor skills and emotional and social development.  Your toddler will also be provided with a safe, clean sleep area as well as two meals and a snack daily.



Most pre-school children have the ability to take care of their basic needs; such as washing hands, eating without help and pottied trained. Once your child is at this level; he/she will have a schedule with more structured learning activities. We will use a preschool curriculum that promotes student centered learning and confidence building to help prepare your child for school. While in our care your child will participate in “circle time”. This time promotes learning in a class/group setting. These interactions give children the chance to play, learn together as well as learn to sit still, sing songs and listen to stories. Your child will grow and develop.

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